Young adults have started to abuse prescription drugs because there are no laws about them. They are easy for people to use. It has become a significant issue in America and Atlanta is no exception. The reason why it is so scary is that it kills our young generation before they even had a chance to become adults.

Teenagers may use them because they do not even know the dangers. They might have been prescribed it by a doctor so they there isn’t any problem sharing with their friends.

Why Is the Issue Becoming Worse?

As you can see, a lot of these drugs are commonly prescribed and probably have helped you. The issue is when you start using it to get high. This can lead to reliance and eventual abuse.

Unfortunately, there has not been any scientific findings for the main source of the problem. While researchers will continue their job and find the reason, we can not sit here and wait. We have our job to help you. Here are some of the suspected causes.

  • More availability
  • Increase in Doctor prescriptions
  • The Existence of Online Pharmacies
  • Lack of Awareness and Education

What Does Abuse Look Like?

  • If you are taking more then the originally prescribed dosage. If your doctor prescribed the medication for you to take once a day, you should not be taking them more then once a day no matter what.
  • If you are taking your medication for reasons your doctor did not say you should. If you had back pain and decided to use medication that was prescribed to you for your foot, you are abusing your medication. It is fine to talk to a doctor to see if you can get medication for something new. However, taking drugs without talking to your doctor shows signs of reliance.
  • Taking the drug for entertainment purposes or boredom. You also should not be using pain medication to cope with anxiety and stress. The drug must be used for its function.
  • Crushing pills so the effects can come quicker. There is a reason they are not supposed to enter your body as quickly. It allows the drugs to slowly enter and leave your system. This will help your body not rely on the drug.
  • Needing refills for prescriptions faster than usual.


Many people can overdose from these drugs because they have built up a heavy reliance. Overdose can lead to death especially when you have a vast abundance of prescription drugs around you.