Our Goals

Our Goals

Rehab is always a scary endeavor. You are basically offering yourself up to a group of people you do not know. You have to trust that they are there for you. As a drug abuser, that is even more difficult because you probably have learned you should not trust anyone around you. A fundamental way to grow faith is by being honest. That’s where we start. All these goals are here for you to understand that every activity, facility, and staff are run with your best interests.


Our number one priority is to help you safely detox. Every drug has a different withdrawal timeline and symptoms. Our staff all have a high amount of experience and will be there for you. We want you to be able to put all your effort into a successful detox.


You will find that we believe friends and trust are very important at our center. We want to help you regain your trust in the people around you. Here, we encourage everyone to build relationships with one another.

Sober Life

Recovering is just the first step of the journey. We act as your guide. You still need to learn the right set of tools to maintain a healthy sober life. This includes determining how to reintegrate and finding what you are passionate about. You need to learn about yourself through this process too.

Mind, Body, and Spirit

Success for us is when someone is healthy in all parts of this trinity. This will help you face future challenges. Each part supports each other, so if one part is weak, a person becomes more vulnerable. We will teach you different exercises that you can bring with you after you leave rehab. This way, you can continue to have an arsenal of methods for you to equip yourself with when you come into any challenges.